Goals for 2021

Technical Goals

Develop an autonomous vehicle agent that can drive in the CARLA self-driving car simulator

Intention: develop legitimacy in the autonomous vehicle field and by developing such an agent completely from scratch allows me to really push and test my abilities.

Get an research position offer in at a university (Stanford, MIT)

Intention: develop real world industry skills by pioneering the furutre of autonomous vehicle research with world-class professors + mentorship

Build a chatbot

Something that I've always wanted to do now. Might actually make it a YouTube series to teach on :)

Replicate this from scratch and build it using GANs

Love this project. I would find it really cool if I were able to replicate this completley from scratch

Write a research paper

Want to focus on researching special methods that can be applied into the field of self driving cars. Want to achieve this when I do get a research position.

Personal Goals

Run a mile in 6.5 mins

Intention: make personal fitness one of the biggest goals of this year, with us glued to our screens, our genral fitness has decreased substantially. Want to change my life and develop good habits.

Read 2 books a month

Intention: get into the habit of reading books and find life-changing books + people to discuss them with.

Meet at least 15 legit people

Intention: develop personal brand and find opportunities to meet "successful" people. e.g. Lex Fridman, Oliver Cameron, George Hotz, etc.

Criteria for a "successful" person:

  • Someone who I can learn from
  • Someone who inspires me to make change and constantly work my butt off
  • People who I genuinely would love to meet and someone who I'd have a great time with

Examples of people:

  • Lex Fridman
  • Oliver Cameron
  • Sebastian Thrun
  • Greg Brockman

Side Goals

Get Twitter to 1k followers

Intention: develop personal brand

Get at least 3 job offers

Intention: want to use it as a metric to measure progress and how far I've come.

Minimum 250 subscribers on my newsletter

Intention: develop personal brand + network (network = net worth)