14 y/o machine learning and autonomous vehicle developer.


  • Working on building a research project by performing lane detection in adverse snow conditions for autonomous vehicles.
  • Part of an olympic-level training program known as The Knowledge Society.
  • Fulfilling my goals for 2021

Past Projects

Built a real, self-driving car

  • As part of the final capstone project of the nanodegree, we were tasked with building a real, self-driving car that can work real time using ROS and a Waypoint Updater algorithm. [Github] [Demo]

Become a Self-Driving Car Engineer - Udacity nanodegree

  • Certified Udacity Self-Driving Engineer. Built Extended Kalman Filter algorithms, Localization modules using Particle Filters, Built a Path Planning algorithm using Finite State Machines and Jerk Minimization Trajectory algorithms. [Certificate] [Term 1 Github] [Term 2 Github]

Intro to Self Driving Cars - Udacity nanodegree

  • Completed a Udacity nanodegree on an intro to autonomous vehicles within 3 weeks. Learned about Kalman Filters, C++, Histogram Filters, Computer Vision (Open-CV). [Certificate]

Lane Detection - Using U-Net to perform semantic segmentation

  • Used U-Net model to perform semantic segmentation on lane lines. Implemented focal tversky loss, dice coefficient (scores of 0.1 and 0.9 respectively) and implemented in CARLA's simulator.

Face Mask Detection - Implementing transfer learning and multiple techniques

  • Reached accuracies > 95% and implemented it real time.

Detecting Distracted Driving - Used CNNs to reach accuracies > 99.5%

  • Implemented it real time and put it in my car.

Instacart - Consulted for Instacart

  • Addressed the problem of customer satisfaction and solving it using incentivization and gamification.